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Fairy Tail Ova 3

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55 Responses to Fairy Tail Ova 3

  1. JaMa00259 says:

    haha 2nd ^_^ !!

  2. juratski says:

    Natsu’s scarf where?

  3. kuring mundu says:

    3rd hehehe

  4. Gintoki says:

    Fourth! Waaaaa I could not wait to see this ova!
    Thanks! xD

  5. John says:

    thx for the upload :)

  6. leizel says:

    4th! what is ova 3 – raw?

  7. Luna says:

    Too bad I don’t speak japanese… Seem like a cool episode!!! <3 FAIRY TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. rennie says:

    ano ba naman di ko na tuloy maintindihan

  9. chucky says:

    mganda nman

  10. matt says:

    if you look on the upper of source 1.. it says “This is still not yet subbed. The subbed version will be added as soon as it is released”…

  11. xD says:

    where i can download it? :)

  12. iid0rks says:

    … ummm… GAWD! its raw!!! i don’t understand! :( i only understand names. xD

  13. Lucy says:

    I Love This!
    It’s what we called “DESTINY”!

  14. Jefferson says:

    good thing ik japanesse :D

  15. Bob says:

    Needed moar Laxus.

  16. woot29 says:

    darn i want to watch it with subs ^_^

  17. James Abin says:

    One of the best episodes!

  18. Jhoi says:

    Ha! Ha! ..Dos Gray look a lil like Naruto to u gys?

  19. lKei says:

    OMG When Will the Sub be OUt??

  20. Pantha Lily says:

    When will the subbed version come!!!!
    Hurry up please I really want to see it and what does RAW mean anyway?!?!?

  21. jinyin says:

    man………….. it going to be hard for me to understand………………………………………T.T

  22. subs says:

    can u please put up the sub one?

  23. LiLyMaRie says:

    HHHMMMMM ….aren’t there any english translation

  24. Zel Arcwind says:

    Im watching the subbed version right now.. Im so FIRED UP !!

  25. asdfghjk says:

    go on another website to watch this ova o-o cuz i just watched it and i really liked it :D D and it was subbed too :)

  26. rndblkman says:

    why are all these OVAs are just random filler episodes. i could go 4ever w/o this. i love fairy tail but usually i expect an hour long action flick instead i get..well this…honestly its a waste of time and takes away from the main storyline…sigh… waiting for next episode…

  27. NFvan31 says:

    when will you release the subbed version, still waiting @_@

  28. FairyTailFan#1 says:

    OMGOMGOMGOMG say i if you watched the video not knowing what they were saying but still new by instinct of the video! O3O

  29. F T says:

    ano ba yan i don’t understand it pero i like it i will wait soon for the subbed….. <3

  30. gajeel says:

    I cant wait to watch this with subs. I tried that link nick gave but the subs are off and at times they don’t exist or fly off the screen right after they pop up. Nobody subs Fairy Tail as good as this site so I will wait lol

  31. haha says:

    lol. i can’t wait for the subs. i just laugh even though i can’t understand what are they saying.

  32. hariz soffri says:

    man ……..!!!!!!!! or man~…….. omg i think i comented in the wron ep he he eh eh ;)

  33. animecat1 says:

    im super sad that theres no subs!please hurry and post subs!

  34. FairyTailWizard says:

    Subbed version added

  35. Yvonne says:

    Haha! Bunny-chan!! I wonder what he made her do?? XD

  36. Juvia says:

    lucy paradox!

  37. Gajeel says:

    Haveto love Erza’s special brand of insanityits always amusing lol

  38. fairytail_coi says:

    will there be an OVA 4 coming????
    please answer! :]]

  39. AceBladeX says:

    Are u guys kidding me? u have watched all of the episodes and u still can’t understand japanese? my GOD

  40. jinyin says:


  41. Ova fan says:

    Oh no all the other episodes r stuffed !!!!!!! :) . Can anyone giv me a website that streams episodes and does actually let u download them too…

  42. aya says:

    im starting to love Gray ^^

  43. FatbagtheSuper says:

    I smell a plot hole. Anybody else think its odd that Little Lucy got the idea to join Fairy Tail after she was saved by her future self who was already in Fairy Tail?
    Also, the book would not have been by the river for Makarov to add to the guild’s library if Team Natsu hadn’t found it in the library and brought it back.

  44. kawaiikay says:

    There is a new fairytail ova 4 it’s to funny

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