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Fairy Tail Episode 61

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27 Responses to Fairy Tail Episode 61

  1. ayman says:

    this is a bad episode

  2. Sonny says:

    “I don’t know whether hes stupid or a genius” Haha that made me crack up for some reason.

  3. StoneDragonSlayer says:

    You think this is a bad episode? What exactly were you watching?

  4. Natsu says:

    im confused is midnight a boy or girl (sarcastic) -.-

  5. maralina says:

    Ahhhhh this one was great I was laughing all overt he place I do wonder what joke he told him hahaha

  6. hamdan says:

    this episode cool dragon fire

  7. marjay says:

    wew another dragon slayer ? ..

  8. patrick says:

    This show has become like Dragon Ball Z in the same aspect that a lot of the characters are dragon slayers or are related to dragon slayers in some way. Just like how in DBZ everyone is a bloody super sayan. Holy shit, I used to have hope in this show, that it would turn into something like One Piece, but now it has become like DBZ.

    • Bazinga says:

      I agree, its kinda annoying because I first got to know that Natsu was a Dragon Slayer, i thought he was special, but then suddenly everyone is related to Dragon Slayers.

  9. NEATSU says:

    patrick they arent dragon slayers they have infused dragon slayer lacrima in them

  10. Sero0 says:

    Natsu is very lucky man ^^ hahaha

  11. Natsu says:

    only those who are taught by dragons are the real dragon slayer

  12. NinjaCat says:

    I honestly don’t mind that there are other Dragon Slayers. They’re all different elements, and it seems it’s for a reason. And some of them aren’t even real ones.
    Especially since whenever a real dragon slayer is introduced, they all mention their dragons disappearing. So stop complaining and see what happens! :)
    And… One Piece was not that good. I could only get past the first season before I gave up on wasting my life’s time. So I certainly hope Fairy Tale doesn’t beome like it xP
    (Please noone get mad, it’s just my opinion. :P )

  13. eunichii says:

    what a fight!!!! i think that erza and jellal will be lovers…

  14. lol says:

    when will natsu show his dragon scales again?

  15. Malypivko says:

    Speaking of One Piece: remember the part on the Sky island? It was pretty similar to this episode, as Luffy was fighting the God who could read his thoughts. Though I have to admit, Luffy’s solution was the same, but with a name: Gomu Gomu no… Baka! :D

  16. Charmedtears says:

    One piece has are slow start once you get further on it just gets awesomer and awesomer. The Series grows. There’s so much depth in the characters. Also the graphics get sooo much better!

  17. Saphire282 says:

    Thinking isn’t like you Natsu, don’t do it XD love that line. I knew he was the ONLY one that could beat Cobra cause Natsu is the only one that could fight off instinct. Though… I wasn’t expecting him to beat Cobra through that technique.

    Also love the new intro/ending songs. I been skipping over the last set. Though… anyone find it kinda odd that in the intro song Natsu and Lucy still have their spiffy spirit world outfits? I guess they don’t get to change their clothes for quite a while…

  18. UnKnOvvNPeRsOnA says:

    Cobra has to be the 1 of the toughest I’ve seen so far. He has a huge advantage on any fight because of his ears. The way he got beat made me laugh so hard. I can tell Natsu was so frustrated that he figured out everthing he would do he just let out a big FUUUUUUCK!!!

  19. Celestial Wizard says:

    Does anyone know how Wizards actually get their style of magic. Like do you choose or Are you born with the power?

  20. i love fairy tail says:

    you choose becasue there are some episodes where people find someone and say things like “she has the ability to learn lost magic” or something so people just learn it some way or another

    but i spose maybe people are born with the ability to do magic, its just what magic they do the can choose, because in the tower of heven on where erza does magic that guy says “sister can do magic?” as if its not in some people

  21. Lewman says:

    FUS RO DAN! something like that, that roar is straight outta skyrim, this came out first though, so I guess natsu IS DRAGON BORN!, lines right up with Skyrims Storyline.

  22. kingofwar201 says:

    after natsu eaats the flame of rebuke can he have dragon force and activate whenevr he wants

  23. Bells says:

    *Loves the end song*

  24. nick says:

    wow that was one hell of a roar lol XD

  25. Luffy says:


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